Sponsorship presents a challenge for any manufacturer. The goal of any sponsorship is to stoke the public’s interest and demand for a brand and ultimately sell more of the products promoted through the sponsorship. From the inception of our Stages Cycling brand we’ve been of mind that we need to partner with local dealers in order to succeed. While we offered direct grassroots sponsorship to amateur teams and individuals in our first year, we’ve since suspended this program in favor of a grassroots sponsorship program that better supports our dealers.


Our goal is to increase the ability of our sponsorships to drill into local markets, identify the key influencers, and support them with the goal of drumming up new awareness and local sales at your local shop. With all of this in mind we exclusively push local amateur athletes to partner with our local dealers in order to create a true channel of influence and activating our grassroots sponsorships.


Please keep in mind there are a few key fixed requirements that must be met when soliciting our dealers for sponsorship under the Stages Cycling banner; we have fixed order periods and logo display requirements.


While Stages Cycling will directly support a number of professional athletes and professional teams, however, this new dealer sponsorship program will serve as the sole opportunity for amateur cyclists to garner sponsorship from Stages Cycling. If you are a professional and make your living riding bikes, and have questions about a direct sponsorship, please email sponsorship@stagescycling.com


Please remember this that sponsorship is not charity; it requires an investment and support, but it should also give an equal or greater return to the dealer you work with; please keep it in mind when you solicit sponsorship from a local Stages Cycling dealer. Thanks so much, and best of luck in the new season. We look forward to hearing of your successes on a Stages Power meter.