When checking for firmware updates in the StagesPower iOS app, it is possible to encounter this error:

Firmware Update Cancelled. Sorry! Unable to update to the specified version: (null)

How to get updated

This message primarily indicates that the app has not yet had time to connect to the server to check for updates, but it can also result if the data connection on your wireless devices is not sufficient to connect to the server to download an update. We recommend waiting until you have a good 3G or 4G connection or connecting to a WiFi router before connecting and waiting 5-10 seconds for the app to connect and check for updates before hitting the firmware button to begin the update. Updating your firmware should take 1-3 minutes depending on the data connection. If you do have a good connection but are still unable to update, we recommend closing the app and re-opening to re-attempt the connection and waiting for the "Firmware Update Available" prompt on the screen to indicate you are ready for an update.

Error message displayed on StagePower app

Wait for firmware update prompt

Once you've connected to the app, please give the app time to connect to the server. If a firmware update is available, a prompt will pop up on the screen:

Firmware update available dialogue box

Still need help?

If this does not fix the problem, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.