Here are our recommendations for setting up and using your Stages Power meter with a Garmin Edge 520.


Preface: Head unit set up can affect the quality of the data captured from your Stages Power meter. These are the recommended settings used by Stages Power meter staff and athletes. We’ve also compiled known issues affecting this particular head unit, as well as our best recommendations to deal with these problems.



Pairing your Edge 520 to your Stages Power meter 

Zero resetting a power meter using the Garmin Edge 520

Data collection setting recommendation

Update your Garmin Edge 520 firmware

Known issues with Garmin Edge 520 when used to capture and display power data


Manufacturer instructions:


Garmin Edge 520 Owner's Manual - English


General set up recommendations:


OverviewThese recommendations come from our daily usage of the Garmin Edge 520 head unit. They are our best recommendations to get the best possible data capture from your head unit, with the least chance of data drops and connection loss between your Stages Power meter and Garmin Edge 520 head unit.


Key areas of focus: Pair based on confirmation of ANT+ ID, set data collection to once-per-second, and update head unit firmware


Pairing your Edge 520 to your Stages Power meter:


To add your Stages Power meter as a sensor, follow this touch screen key path on your Edge 520:


From the home screen, press DOWN to access the Menu > Settings > Sensors > Add Sensor > Power > Confirm that the correct ANT+ ID is discovered > Add Sensor


Note that on your Edge 520, the sensors are placed in a sensor pool. If you own multiple power meters, please be careful to confirm that the correct power meter is connected when beginning a ride in order to record your data. It is also possible to select your sensor and name it to associate the ANT+ ID with a particular bike or crank model.


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Zero resetting a power meter using the Garmin Edge 520:


You must zero reset your Stages Power meter after installation, and we recommend zero resetting once-per-week to keep your meter reading with maximal consistency.


To Zero Reset using your Edge 520:


Rotate your Stages Power meter one full revolution to wake the meter, orient the crankset vertically, then click the ‘Calibrate’ function under the Power sensor profile.


The ‘Calibrate’ Zero Reset function can be found through this key path:


From the home screen, press DOWN to access the Menu > Settings > Sensors > Power > Calibrate. Your Garmin Edge 520 head unit will then return a Zero Reset (Calibration) value of 890 +/- 50 counts.


Garmin Error Codes:

0 – Sensor no longer active. Activate the crank and connect it to your Garmin, then attempt calibration again.

1, 2 – Attempt calibration again. If this error persists, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or Stages Cycling Europe

32 – Crank position error. Rotate the crank into the vertical position and attempt calibration again.

Tip: To enable an automatic on screen prompt you to perform a zero reset (calibration) every time you connect to your power meter, go to Menu > Settings > Sensors > ANT+ ID of your power sensor > Sensor Details > and toggle Calibration Prompt

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Data collection setting recommendation:


Once-per-second recording. The Garmin Edge 520 head unit has two data recording options (Smart Recording and 1 Sec.). The function ‘smart recording’ purposefully drops data packets when the information looks the same in order to save memory space. We absolutely recommend recording at once-per-second and downloading more frequently.


To set once-per-second recording, follow this key path:


Use the Down arrow to access the Menu from the Home screen > Settings > System > Data Recording > Recording Interval > 1 sec

While you’re in this screen of ‘Data Recording’ you may also be interested to consider "Include Zeros" or "Do Not Include Zeros" for your Cadence and Power averages. This is a personal preference for you, but keep in mind that these settings may have a large effect on the average power and cadence reading during your ride. 


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Update your Garmin Edge 520 firmware:


Just as we periodically offer improved performance through firmware updates for the Stages Power meter, Garmin works hard to make improvements and fixes within their devices through firmware updates, many of which can affect the device's ability to record and display information from your power sensor. With regards to this we strongly recommend checking and updating your Garmin head unit firmware on a regular basis.


To update your head unit firmware:


Download Garmin WebUpdater


Connect device to PC, follow prompts in Garmin Web Updater application.


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Known issues with Garmin Edge 520 when used to capture and display power data:


ANT+ signal interruption due to orientation, shrouding, water, rider mass, or RF interference


Cause: The Stages Power meter puts out a signal capable of spanning distances of 10-15 feet, so long as the receiving radio is properly oriented. Putting a head unit in a rider’s pocket, on the wrist, or mounting it within any sort of aero shroud or behind a water bottle can cause signal interference and data loss. Additionally, proximity to other electronics can cause RF interference. 

Effect: Signal drops and data loss.

Solution: Make sure the Garmin head unit is in the open with reasonably clear line of sight to the Stages Power meter. Avoid positioning other electronics and wireless devices between the Edge 520 and the power sensor, as this can disrupt the head unit's ability to receive the power sensor's signal. 

Further recommendations: Do not use bar mounted combo bottle/head unit mounts. Do not cover the front of the Garmin head unit with plastic, carbon fiber or other material. 


Firmware bug causing intermittent display of 0w while pedaling


Cause: Firmware bugs present that cause intermittent values of 0 to be displayed while pedaling

Effect: Lower than normal power average

Solution: Disable the Bluetooth function on your Edge 520; check for upcoming firmware updates to resolve this issue. 

Further recommendations: It is best practice to check for new firmware for both your Garmin head unit and Stages Power meter once per month.


Firmware bug causing drop of all ANT+ sensors or inability to find any ANT+ Sensors


Cause: Firmware bugs present in firmware versions 2.30, 2.60 that can cause previously paired sensors to no longer connect after a break in riding or upon start of a new ride

Effect: No power recorded while riding, inability to pair or calibrate the sensor, or no power data after a stop during ride.

Solution: Save ride and reboot Edge 520 by powering on and off. Update your Edge 520 to the latest firmware using Garmin Express or the Garmin mobile app.


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Further questions?

If you still have additional questions about setting up your new power meter, please feel free to open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or Stages Cycling Europe