This topic is intended for existing power meters that have worked previously but are now unable to connect. For new power meter setup issues, click here

If you are having trouble connecting to your power meter which has previously worked without any issues, follow these steps to attempt to remedy your connection. We have ordered the list from top to bottom - starting with the easy head unit settings to checking things like a new battery further down the list. Please see our suggestions below and contact us if you are not able to find a solution to the issue you're experiencing.



I can't find my power meter on the Stages Power app

I'm not getting any readings from my Stages Power meter 

Are your head unit settings intact?

If you've used your power meter previously on this head unit, but now it can't be detected, we recommend a few easy things to check first.

  1. If your head unit has multiple bike profiles set up, make sure you have the correct profile selected that has your power meter saved into it. 
  2. If you're on the correct profile, go into the power meter settings and check what sensor ID is saved. For Garmin head units, this is under the power meter settings under "Sensor Details".

    For Edge 1000 and 920xt, the sensor ANT+ ID is listed under "Sensors and Accessories" rather than under a bike profile.

  3. For Edge 510 and 810, especially if the connection is lost during a ride, we recommend restarting the head unit by powering it on and off. If this fixes the issue, you may want to check for a firmware update that may contain a bug fix.

    To check for firmware updates on a Garmin Head unit, please download Garmin WebUpdater or connect to your computer via the Garmin Express software.

  4. If your settings all look correct and no connection can be made after turning the unit off and back on, continue in this topic for additional troubleshooting help.

Can you connect with the StagesPower app?

Stages Power - iOS App Link

Stages Power - Android App Link

We recommend resetting your Bluetooth connection to clear the Bluetooth connection cache, then opening the StagesPower app on your device. The power meter can only be paired through the StagesPower app (or another compatible mobile app) and not through your device's settings. It should take anywhere from 5-60 seconds to find the power meter and pair it through the mobile app.

If you are using other fitness sensors with your mobile device, please see our related topic I can't find my power meter on the Stages Power app for help removing any connections to conflicting sensors that may prevent connecting to your power meter through the StagesPower app.

Can you check for firmware updates on your power meter?

If you are able to get connected to the StagesPower app, leave the power meter connected long enough to check for a firmware update.

In the Android app, the Update Firmware button will become active when a new version is available.

Android StagesPower App Connected

For the iOS app, a prompt will pop up when an update is available:

iOS StagesPower App Firmware update prompt

Did you recently install a new battery?

If you have just installed a new battery and are unable to regain connection with the power meter, please see our video on changing the battery to ensure that your new battery and existing cover have been re-installed correctly. The new battery should be a CR2032, with the positive side facing outward. Like in the video, the battery should be easily installed with the positive battery contact still visible and the cover should fit over the battery in the open position before being rotated into the closed position. If you encounter any resistance or issues, please contact Stages Cycling before proceeding in order to prevent damage to the power meter. 

Confirm that the LED is visible following installation and after waking up the power meter. Green denotes 'good' battery level, while Red denotes a nearly dead battery. 

Battery change video:

Is the battery or battery door seating correctly?

Related Topic: What do I do if my battery cover is broken?

If the power meter battery door is broken or not seated properly, it can cause the battery to pull away from the contacts and not allow for connection, in addition to contributing to premature battery drain. To remove the battery door, rotate the door counterclockwise into the open position and gently lift outward. Beneath the cover, the o-ring should be completely seated in the o-ring groove and not protruding. The cover itself will have 3 equal-sized tabs on the rear of the cover that lock it into place. On the right-side power meters (and SB20 power meters), the door shape has an integrated rubber gasket, with no o-ring utilized. Confirm that the LED is visible following installation and after waking up the power meter. Green denotes 'good' battery level, while Red denotes a nearly dead battery. 

If these are not properly fitting into the power meter housing to secure the cover or are damaged in any way, please contact our customer support by opening up a support ticket with Stages Cycling.

How to perform a hard reset

If you've tried a new battery and checked your head unit and mobile device settings, but still can't get a connection, the last option is to perform a hard reset on the unit. The unit can be reset in two ways:

1. Remove the battery for 30 seconds, or

2. Remove the battery and touch the side of the battery to the two contacts, one being on the side of the battery compartment and the second being the brass circular piece that sits under the battery

After performing one of these actions and re-installing a good battery, attempt connection again through your head unit or the StagesPower app. If you are able to connect to the StagesPower app, please stay connected long enough to check for a firmware update. If one is available, it will notify you within the app to update the power meter.

Still need help?

For additional help, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.