The Stages Dash is designed around finding the sweet spot between being packed with features and maps, while also having the battery life to get you through the long adventures you need those maps for. Within those features lie some crucial settings that can help you optimize your battery life and get even more ride time out of every charge. 

Battery saver

When enabled, this feature will change a few settings towards saving the battery, including dimming the backlight after 10s without a button being pressed. After pressing a button, the Dash will resume normal operations until 10s pass without interaction. Access the battery saver feature by going to Settings > Battery saver.

The Dash will ask to change to battery saver mode at 20% and 10% battery remaining.

Map update rate

The map update rate affects any map pages/data fields used on the Dash. The faster the update, the less delay you will see in updating your location and orientation. Pick an update rate by going to Settings > Dash settings > Map and courses > Map update rate. If you are using maps a lot, you may want to choose Normal to avoid slow map updates. If you are not using it often, Economy or Power-save should help you conserve battery while still having access to your maps to navigate. 


During a ride, the Dash is always searching for the sensors paired to that profile. To get the best possible battery life, we recommend two options before a long ride:

  • Create a new ride profile using optimal settings found in this topic and only pair the sensors you're using for that particular ride. 
  • If using an existing profile, remove any unused sensors from that profile by going to Connections > Manage sensors > Select your sensor > Delete sensor.


For optimal viewing, we recommend using the Auto setting for the backlight. However, when riding long hours in the bright sun, this setting will have your backlight at maximum brightness due to ambient light. You can adjust the backlight during a ride to save battery by pressing the Select button and choosing Backlight from the shortcuts menu. 


Set your Dash display to go into Sleep mode after 5 or 20 minutes of inactivity. This setting can be found under Settings > Dash settings > Sleep

Note: After 1 hour of inactivity, your ride will be automatically saved and the Dash will power off. If you plan on stopping for periods longer than this, you may want to press a button in the meantime!

General use

Certain display features, such as maps and graphs, require a little more processing power than others. Setting up a simplified page as your main display and only viewing the map/course as needed can result in a slight reduction in battery usage to help you ride just a little bit longer on your next adventure.