Connect your Stages Power meter with the Stages Cycling app to access all the many features and functions to maximize the utility of your Stages Power meter. Perform zero resets, update firmware, access information, and record indoor rides all from the Stages Cycling app.

Connect your Stages Power meter

Open up the Stages Cycling app on your device.

  1. Go to the Devices page and select Add Device. 
  2. Select Power Meter.
  3. Spin your Stages Power meter several times to wake it up and broadcast the Bluetooth signal.
  4. Select your power meter when the signal pops up on the screen to connect.
  5. Tap Done when it is finished connecting.

A green link icon will appear in the right-hand corner of the power meter device manager page when it is paired to the Stages Cycling app.

Stages Cycling app Power meter device manager page with Link icon outlined

The Info page displays important information for your Stages Power meter such as Serial number, Model, Firmware, and Advanced information. Perform a zero reset on this page by selecting the zero reset button and following the instructions that pop-up.

The Data page shows the power and cadence of the Stages Power meter as well as the battery level and the temperature that the power meter is recording. Stages Cycling app on the data page with a connected power meter

To record an indoor ride with your Stages Power meter, see How to record a indoor ride with my Stages Power meter.