Note: This article refers to the battery cover for our first-generation power meters, as pictured below. If you're not sure if this is the correct battery door for your power meter, see Which battery cover or o-ring do I need for my power meter?

Stages Power meter battery cover

The Stages Power meter battery door should have 3 rectangular tabs on the back side that sit perpendicular to the cover itself. They should all be the same size and shape and attached securely. If you notice that any of these tabs are missing or have been damaged in the installation/removal process, the power meter's waterproof seal will be compromised. This can also result in dropped connection with your head unit and a loss of power from the unit since the battery is not securely held in place. Continuing to ride with the power meter battery cover unsecured can result in permanent damage to your power meter.

Purchase a replacement

If any of your battery door tabs are broken, you can purchase a replacement Gen 1 battery door here (US store).

Installing your new battery door

Once you've received a new cover, please ensure your battery compartment is clear of any broken pieces or debris, then check out our video on changing the battery for a more detailed view on the best way to remove and install your battery cover.