Stages Power Gen 2 and Gen 3 meters utilize the same battery cover and o-ring size, while our original Gen 1 power meters use a different style cover and o-ring size. To determine which version of the power meter you own, please consult this image: 

Stages Power meters. Generation 1, 2, and 3

Once you're sure which version you have, use our provided visuals to see if you need replacement parts. 

Stages Power Gen 1

stages power generation 1

Gen 1 power meters use a cover with 3 small tabs on the back. Your gen 1 power meter may have come with a black, red, or green o-ring. The green o-ring is our most recent o-ring and is ideal for your gen 1 meter, being made of a softer material and including a non-stick coating that helps ensure it stays in place when closing the door. If your o-ring appears damaged or missing or your battery door does not seem to close properly, we highly recommend obtaining replacements in order to ensure the best performance from your power meter. 

Please note that these gen 1 o-rings and battery doors are not compatible with the gen 2 meters, which have a larger diameter battery opening.

To obtain replacement gen 1 o-rings or battery doors, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.

Stages Power Gen 2 / Gen 3

Stages Generation 2 power meter

Stages Generation 3 Power meter

Gen 3 battery door

The gen 2/3 power meters include a revised battery door design, which fully contains the outside edge of the battery. These power meters come stock with either a blue or yellow o-ring. Both o-rings are functionally identical, with the color only changed to improve the visibility of the o-ring. If you have lost or need a replacement o-ring, a blue or yellow o-ring is required to prevent water intrusion in your power meter. We do not recommend in any instance substituting a gen 1 o-ring or a generic o-ring of a similar size purchased elsewhere.

Stages SB20 and right-side power meters

Stages SB20 and right side power meters do not utilize an o-ring and instead have a rubber gasket built into the battery cap.

Stages SB20 Right power meter

Stages SB20 Left power meter

Stages right-side power meter

Stages Right side power meter

Requesting replacement parts

If you lose an o-ring, or battery door, make sure the replacement o-ring is blue or yellow and that the door matches the image above before attempting to install it in your Stages Power meter. 

To obtain replacement o-rings, battery doors, or screws, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.