If you are unable to calibrate your power meter due to an error message or error code within the head unit, please see the following instructions to help determine the next step to resolve the error and properly set the zero offset of your power meter.


Crank orientation when performing a zero reset

ANT+ error codes

An error code may be displayed if the zero reset fails. Please note the possible error codes below and the corrective action that should be taken. Note that these are typical codes used on Garmin devices, so they may vary slightly depending on head unit manufacturer.

Error code #

Corrective action


Rotate the power meter to re-awaken it and ensure the power meter is paired/connected to your head unit and re-attempt the zero reset

1, 2

Attempt the zero reset again. If the code remains after several attempts, please submit a new ticket


Power meter cranks are not in the proper position (vertical). Re-position cranks and attempt the zero reset again.

Note: If you are getting the Error 32 message when the crank is positioned vertically, please remove the battery for 10 seconds and re-insert it to reset the unit, and try the calibration again.

Stages Cycling app errors

If you receive an error in the Stages Cycling app while calibrating, please take a screenshot or note the error that occurs. You may need to reset the unit by removing and reinstalling the battery, then attempt calibration again. If you are unable to resolve this error, please create a new support ticket informing us of the stated error for the next step.

For position-based errors, please see the above diagram for the correct crank position.

Zero reset timeout

The most common cause for a calibration timeout is a missing power meter from a left/right set. This can happen when either of these situations apply: 

  • One side of the power meter set has a dead battery. Use the Stages Cycling app to attempt to connect to both over Bluetooth to determine which side is not available. 
  • A left/right set has been split up. Stages left and right power meters can be used on their own, but they should first be unpaired in the app. If you're using a power meter from a set on its own, open up the Stages Cycling app, connect to it on the Devices page, and tap Left/Right pairing, then Unpair

If neither of these situations apply, it's possible that either the strain gauge or the thermistor is not responding to the request. Please attempt to perform a zero reset in the Stages Cycling app and note what error is returned by the app, as it should detail which aspect of the power meter is failing to respond, then create a new support ticket

Zero offset out of range

Most head units and the Stages Cycling app will return a zero offset value when you've successfully zero reset your power meter. The expected range of values is within +/- 50 from 890, so expect to see numbers in the high 800s or low 900s when calibrating properly.

For a left/right power meter, you will receive back a zero offset for both sides, with the second value being displayed as a negative value on many head units (i.e. 890/-890).

If you are receiving back a value that is far outside of range, such as 0 or 390, or has drastically changed since your last zero reset, please create a new support ticket

Still need help?

For additional help, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.