If you are riding with your power meter, but are not getting any readings displayed on the head unit, there are several things to check to determine the issue. Please check through the following topics for some tips and suggestions to resolve your issue


Is the power meter connected to the head unit?

First, confirm that your head unit is indeed connected to the power meter. Most head units will show a prompt on the display once the power meter connects. On Garmin head units, the Power Icon will flash while the unit is searching and appear solid when the power meter is connected. You can also verify the connection by attempting to calibrate the power meter, as this function will be unavailable if the unit is not paired.

On Garmin head units, the power meter's connection can be confirmed in the power meter settings portion of the menu. It will also enable the calibrate option automatically when it is connected (and it will be disabled if it is not actively connected).

If it appears the head unit is unable to connect, please see a separate topic for help steps: I can't get my power meter to pair or connect (New Unit) / I can't get my power meter to pair or connect (Existing Unit)

Can you verify that the correct ANT+ ID is connected to the meter?

Your Stages Power meter's ANT+ ID is listed on the silver sticker affixed to the inside of your left crank. Please note this number to verify that your head unit is paired with the correct unit and hasn't picked up a nearby sensor.

For Garmin products, the ANT+ ID can be verified in the Power Meter settings under Sensor Details (Or under "Sensors" on the Garmin 1000). It should show a 4 or 5-digit number that matches up with the sticker on your crank. For some head units, the ID# is not displayed and you may need to move at least 30 feet away from any other sensors and repeat the pairing process. For a reminder on how to pair the power meter, check our topic: How do I pair my Stages Power meter to my ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device?


For Bluetooth connections, you also want to reset your Bluetooth connection by toggling it on and off on your device before searching for a new sensor in order to clear out an existing connection. For most apps, the power meter can be identified as stages_power_meter. Other Bluetooth devices may show up on your device when connecting, so it's important to narrow down that the connected item is the correct power meter sensor (as it can detect any power sensors nearby, trainers with power, etc).

Can you calibrate the power meter?

Vertical Crank position

The calibration or zero offset value should be in the high 800s or low 900s. This should be done with no weight on the pedal with the left crank pointed straight down. If you previously calibrated with weight on the pedal, it will incorrectly set the 'zero' on the power meter and can result in your power numbers looking very low (including all 0s at low power levels). If you suspect it may have been done incorrectly, simply re-calibrate and if the number is in the correct range, it should return to giving correct readings.

Link: How do I calibrate my Stages Power Meter?


My zero offset value changed. How do I know if it's correct?

I can't get my power meter to calibrate

Is the bike being ridden?

Power in watts is calculated in an equation that includes the force in the crank multiplied by the pedaling speed, so it requires the crank to be turning in addition to force being placed on the crank arm. If one of these values is missing, the result is 0w. If you spin the crank in the work stand, it does not have enough resistance to provide a power reading and putting force on the crank without riding it (i.e. on the floor while the brakes are applied) also will not provide any power values since the crank is not turning.

The crank also needs a minimum speed of 20 rpms to calculate power, so we recommend taking the bike for a full test ride or riding it on a trainer to verify if the power meter is giving proper readings.

What unit is being displayed on the head unit's home screen?

For many Garmin head units, there are a large number of options for display under the Power category, including L/R balance metrics that may be specific to a left or right side. Since these metrics are not compatible with the Stages power meter, it is important to ensure the correct item is select to display on your head unit's home screen.

We suggest having one of the following display when testing to see if the power meter is sending data:

Power (live power display every 1 second)

Power - 3s Average

Power - 10s Average

You may want to customize your screen with other metrics such as average power or average lap power, but for the sake of testing any of the above will work. It may also be helpful to include cadence on the home screen when testing the sensor since cadence information is included in the information sent by the power meter.

Can you connect and see power in the StagesPower app?

Stages Power App Logo

The Stages Power meter broadcasts the power data via ANT+ and Bluetooth simultaneously, so if you are having issues with your head unit, you can easily narrow down if the power meter is sending a signal by using a Bluetooth device to connect to the power meter. The fastest way to test with a smartphone or tablet is to install the StagesPower app and connect to your power meter, then take it for a test spin outdoors or indoor on a trainer.

Step 1: Install the StagesPower app:

StagesPower Android App

StagesPower iOS App

Device requirements:

Android: Bluetooth 4.0 antenna and Android 4.4 or newer
Apple: Bluetooth 4.0 antenna and  iOS 6 or newer

Step 2: Open up the app

We recommend closing out any other apps using your Bluetooth connection before you start. Once you confirm Bluetooth is enabled on your device, open up the StagesPower app. Give the crank a spin to activate it and see if you are able to connect while keeping the device at a reasonably close distance. Once you are connected, it will display the serial number at the top of the app's home screen.

Step 3: Ride the bike on a trainer or outside (if it can be done safely while looking at the app)

Note: It will not display power if the cranks are not turning or if it is being pedaled in a work stand.

Power and cadence in the StagesPower Android app

Power and cadence in the StagesPower Android app

Still need help?

For additional help, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.