We added a battery life indicator alert with our firmware update version 2.0.31. This update prompts the power meter to send a "Low Battery" signal to the head unit when the battery voltage is down to 5%. The low battery alert is sent out via ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 and many head units will be programmed to display a prompt on the screen when the battery is low. The low battery alert is not visible on all head units, but battery status can be viewed at any time in the StagesPower mobile app and on some Garmin head units.

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StagesPower app

Green (full) battery icon in lower right corner of app.

Within the StagesPower app, the battery status indicator in the lower right corner will change to yellow when the battery is below 15% and to red when it is below 5%.

Download the App:

StagesPower Android App

StagesPower iOS App

Garmin head units

For the Edge 500, Forerunner 910xt, and other models, an on-screen prompt will alert the user to the low battery voltage.  On many other Garmin head units, the current battery status can be retrieved from the head unit settings. The battery status is sent out every few minutes, so it may take a minute to update the complete information under the sensor details page.

For the Edge 510 and Edge 810, you can find it here:

Settings > Bike Profiles > Bike 1 > Power Meter (Barbell logo) > Sensor Details > About

For the Edge 520, 820, 1000, and Forerunner 920xt:

Settings > Sensors > Power Meter > [ANT+ ID for your power sensor] > Battery logo will display in green, yellow, or red

Changing the Battery

We recommend changing the battery very soon after receiving the low battery warning. If it happens during a ride, however, it should not be a big concern as the remaining 5% should last 8-10 more hours of riding time.

Please see our video on changing the battery when it comes time to replace it: