Here are the most common issues experienced when trying to install and use our mobile app, StagesPower (Link: Android / iOS). 

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No eligible devices for app install

StagesPower app for Android currently requires an operating system of Android 4.4 or better. To check for your firmware version, please follow these steps:

Settings > More > About device > Android Version

To check for updates, select Software update. Follow device instructions for update to see if your device is eligible to update to Android version 4.4 or newer.


Not a Bluetooth Compatible Device

The StagesPower app uses Bluetooth 4.0. When installed on older devices, it is not able to connect to the StagesPower meter via Bluetooth and may display a message that states "Not a Bluetooth Compatible Device" (though an older, incompatible version of Bluetooth is likely present on your device). On these devices, it is possible to use an ANT+ adapter where available to connect to the power meter, however it will not be possible to update the firmware when connected via ANT+.

For iOS devices, the implementation of Bluetooth 4.0 began with the iPhone 4S and the iPad 3.


Other problem?

For additional help, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or Stages Cycling Europe or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.