Your Stages power meter will not connect to the Stages Cycling app.


Your Stages power meter can fail to connect to the app for various reasons, including lack of power to the unit, being paired to another device, or due to Bluetooth connection issues on your device. Follow the steps below to try and eliminate any obvious causes and regain connection to your device. 

Before troubleshooting

Turn Bluetooth off, then on

Before continuing with any of the below steps, the easiest resolution for app connection issues is to toggle Bluetooth off, then back on in your device's settings. Try this and then return to the app to try the connection again. 

Check for LED light

If your power meter is awake and broadcasting, a green LED light will flash from the housing for the first 12 seconds it is awake. All Gen 3 power meters have an LED light located at the center of the power meter housing. Note that Gen 1 and Gen 2 power meters do not have this feature. 

See What does the LED light on a Stages Power meter indicate? for more information on the LED light. 

If you do not see a blinking LED when awakening your power meter, please install a new CR2032 battery to your power meter and then retry the pairing in the Stages Cycling app.

Check firmware in StagesPower app

If you are attempting to connect a Gen 1 or Gen 2 power meter to the Stages Cycling app and the device is not on the most recent firmware (2.0.86), you will need to use our legacy app, StagesPower, to update firmware on your device. After updating, your power meter will connect to the Stages Cycling app. 


If the basic, pre-troubleshooting steps do not apply, move forward with the below troubleshooting steps. 

Clear paired sensors

If you have previously connected to your Stages Power meter, but it is no longer connecting, you can remove it from your phone's Bluetooth pairing list in order to start fresh. 

Check app permissions

When first using your app, you will be prompted to allow all permissions required to pair sensors to the app. If you did not allow permission or your device has revoked permissions. Return to the settings page of your device and locate app settings, select Stages Cycling app > Permissions, then re-enable any permissions under Not allowed.

Turn off Bluetooth head units and other devices

Gen 3 Stages Power meters can now be connected to up to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously (as of firmware version 1.8.0). However, if you are running older firmware, your power meter may not have this capability. Before attempting to connect to the Stages Cycling app, make sure your Bluetooth-enabled head unit is powered off and not connected to the head unit.

If you have connected the power meter to Zwift or other apps, the app may still be running in the background and taking up the connection. Close all other apps that have recently connected to the power meter, then re-attempt pairing. 

If you are using a Gen 1 or Gen 2 power meter, it will only be able to connect to 1 Bluetooth device at a time. In this case, we recommend utilizing the ANT+ connection if you would like to use the Stages Cycling app while connected to your head unit. 

Perform a hard reset

If your power meter still continues to remain undiscoverable, you may need to perform a hard reset on the power meter itself. To perform a hard reset, open up the battery compartment (for a dual crankset, perform the hard reset on the left power meter). Remove the battery and use it to connect the power meter's negative and positive terminals for a few seconds.

Battery touching both positive and negative terminals inside battery compartment

Re-install the battery and see if the LED light flashes like in the above section (gen 3 only). 

Need further assistance?

If your power meter is still undiscoverable after all the steps or for additional help, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling.