If you are having issues connecting your smart phone to your Stages Power meter, there are a couple likely causes to eliminate to troubleshoot the issue and get you connected to the StagesPower app where you can update firmware, check battery status, etc. On all devices, the quickest first step is to turn Bluetooth on and off and retry the connection. While your device is capable of connecting to multiple bluetooth sensors, they can still cause conflicts that prevent it from pairing with the Stages Power meter in the StagesPower mobile app.  Please select your phone's operating system for details instructions on how turn Bluetooth on and off and remove conflicting devices that could be preventing you from pairing with your Stages Power meter.

Android Devices

iOS Devices

Bluetooth Head Units

Android Devices

Go to Menu > Settings > Bluetooth

In this menu, your device will display what existing devices you are connected to and other available devices. It is not possible to connect to the Stages Power meter from this menu, as it is a protected item that can only be paired through certain apps. It is possible to see it and confirm it is broadcasting.

From here, you can also rule out other conflicting devices by unpairing any fitness devices that could be preventing the Stages Power app from connecting to the power meter.

To Unpair, select the paired device:

Depending on your device, either press the recent button  or hold the home button to bring up a list of open apps.  Swipe the app left to close the application.

If possible, close out any other apps that are using the Bluetooth connection. Some apps may run in the background and connect to paired devices, so it's important to check your Bluetooth settings menu first to eliminate these items.

Return to StagesPower app:

If the crank has been motionless for 5 minutes, re-awaken the crank by rotating it. The signal will be displayed based on proximity, so holding the device close to the power meter will result in the strongest signal. Once the power meter is showing up on the Discover Devices page, select the power meter and wait around 10-30 seconds to complete the connection.

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iOS Devices

Bluetooth Connectivity issues with iOS 8.0.1-8.0.2: On existing devices upgraded to 8.0.1 and new devices such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ that came from the factory with this operating system, a bug existed that prevented stable Bluetooth connectivity with certain sensors. We believe this issue was resolved with an update to iOS 8.2 or newer. If you are running iOS 8.0.1, please update your operating system to obtain bug fixes that will allow you to use your device to record your Stages Power data using a compatible fitness app.

If you are having trouble obtaining a connection through the StagesPower app for iOS, here's some possible items to check to troubleshoot the connection.

Reset the Bluetooth on your device:

Go to Menu > Settings > Bluetooth and toggle Bluetooth off, then on.

When Bluetooth is on, it should display a list of paired devices. Certain other fitness devices can cause a conflict and prevent the Stages from pairing (and vice versa if you have the Stages paired and cannot add another item).

Disconnect the conflicting device within your Bluetooth settings or in the accompanying app for your device.

After removing the connection to other sensors, close out of your apps and return to re-open the Stages Power App:

If the crank has not been rotated or moved in over 5 minutes, make sure to give a couple rotations to bring it out of sleep mode.

Once it is detected by the app, the top of the app will display "Connected" along with the serial number of your power meter and the ANT+ ID. If you own multiple power meters, please be sure to use these identifying numbers to confirm which power meter is connected.

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Bluetooth Head Units

If you are using another Bluetooth device with your power meter, the power meter will no longer be visible to your phone. Head units that use Bluetooth include the Polar V800, Suunto Ambit3, Cateye Strada Smart, and other additional products coming to market. Through Bluetooth 4.0, the power meter can only be connected to one device at a time. Once the other device is turned off or Bluetooth disabled, the power meter will return to being visible to your phone to connect to the StagesPower mobile app.

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Need further assistance?

For additional help, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or Stages Cycling Europe or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.