If you are installing and pairing your Stages Power meter for the first time and are having trouble, please see the following subtopics to help find a solution.


I've installed my Stages Power meter and it won't register a cadence or power in the work stand?

I can't find my power meter on the Stages Power app


Pairing Procedures

Certain head units require some specific steps to get the power meter paired to their device. Once you've found the device pairing section of your head unit's menu, it's important to activate the power meter by giving it a rotation or two. Whenever possible, enter in the crank arm's ANT+ ID directly. This number can be found in several places, including a silver sticker on the crank arm itself. For head units that do not allow the ANT+ ID to be entered in, it is necessary to remove the power sensor and head unit from the proximity of other power sensors (including trainers that show power) in order to ensure the correct device is paired. 

Most head units simply need to be within 3 meters, but some may require close proximity to form the initial pairing so it's recommended that you place it near the power meter to get the initial connection.

Garmin head units with Bluetooth: Certain Garmin head units may need the Bluetooth function disabled in order to pair with external sensors. If you are experiencing this issue, please also check Garmin WebUpdater or Garmin Express for an update to your unit.

For more detail on pairing see: How do I pair my Stages Power meter to my ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device?

Related Video:  How to pair and calibrate a Stages Power meter with a Garmin Edge 500 computer

Can you connect with the StagesPower app?

Stages Power - iOS App Link

Stages Power - Android App Link

Once you've installed the app on your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible mobile device, make sure Bluetooth is currently enabled and open the StagesPower application. Once the app is open, rotate the crank to activate it. From here, the detection process varies in each version. For iOS, it should automatically begin searching. For the Android app, it will pop up with a list of discoverable devices and you can select your Stages Power meter from here. 

Please note that on iOS devices, your Stages Power meter won't show up in the Bluetooth settings as a discoverable device when searching for items to pair with. On both operating systems, it is only able to pair through compatible applications and not through the general pairing process.

If you use any other fitness-related Bluetooth sensors, you may need to disconnect them first to get a connection. See our related topic: I can't find my power meter on the Stages Power app

iOS App Connecting / Connected

iOS StagesPower App connecting iOS StagesPower App Connected 

Android App Discoverable Devices / Connected

StagesPower App Discoverable Devices Android StagesPower App connected

If you are able to get a connection here, it shows the device is active and sending a signal and the head unit itself may need troubleshooting. If you are not getting anything here, move on to some of the next steps.

Is the battery isolation tab removed?

Stages Power Meter isolation tab

On a new power meter, the cover must first be removed and the yellow battery isolation tape removed from the unit. Make sure the battery door is in the "open" position and gently lift upward, then remove the yellow plastic. After taking out the yellow tab, carefully re-insert the battery with the position (+) side facing outward and then replace the cover by lining up the tabs in the "Open" position, then lock into place by rotating clockwise into the closed position. See the video on changing the battery for more help on properly opening and closing the cover.


Is the battery oriented properly?

The [+] side should always be facing out. If placed in backward, it may be very difficult to remove the battery. Lightly press on the edge of the battery to tilt it out of the unit or use a magnet to remove the battery from the unit, then replace it with the positive side facing outward.

Gen 3 LED light function

 The LED found in the Gen 3 left side power meter is centered within the Stages Logo on the case of the housing. It illuminates to show that the power meter is awake and the LED color indicates the battery level. 

LED Color

Battery Level


Good, approximately 6-100% battery remaining


Critical, approximately 1-5% battery remaining

Stages Power LR Pairing

For Stages Power LR meters, the head unit only needs to pair to the left side power meter. Both power meter housings will have an LED to note functionality and battery level.  Ensuring that both power meters present are linked is a crucial step in troubleshooting pairing issues with LR power meters. This can be verified via the StagesPower app after connecting from the 'discoverable devices list' > Selecting Tools from the main screen> and verifying 'Link' has been toggled. To use the power meters separately, or for further troubleshooting, select 'Unlink'.

Still need help?

For additional help, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.