The Stages Carbon for 30mm and Mountain GXP models are compatible with a wide variety of cranksets from SRAM. To help clear up any confusion on your specific model, we have a few tips on determining if your SRAM mountain crankset is compatible.

With all power meter models, it is crucial that you also check for adequate clearance on your bike frame by performing our basic compatibility test, illustrated in our frame compatibility article.


SRAM DUB cranksets

Stages Carbon for 30mm power meters can be used with SRAM DUB mountain bike cranksets using a compatible spindle (spindle G). This applies to standard trail width cranks using BB30, PF30, PF92, and BSA bottom brackets. 

Spindle G is incompatible with wider spindle cranksets such as SRAM DUB Wide and Super Boost variants. 

Boost cranksets

SRAM Boost mountain bike cranksets follow the same compatibility rules as their non-boost equivalents. The only difference is on the drive side, so there's no difference in compatibility. 

Eagle cranksets

The SRAM Eagle crankset versions follow the same compatibility as their non-Eagle equivalents. For GXP, all GXP versions of Eagle cranksets should be compatible with the Stages Carbon GXP power meter (as they do not make a narrow q-factor version for Eagle). For BB30, the same guidelines apply in selecting the correct spindle for your crankset - verify the size of your drive side spacer and select the corresponding spindle based on this. 

Fat bike cranksets

Our Stages Carbon GXP power meter (as well as previous model X9 GXP) is compatible with SRAM GXP fat bike cranksets. We do not currently have a compatible spindle that will allow for compatibility with a BB30 or DUB fat bike crankset. 

Narrow Q-factor cranksets

We do not currently have an equivalent model to match up with the narrow q-factor versions of SRAM XX1 or X01. These cranksets are labeled on the side of the crank with the "156" q-factor. Though they will still bolt together with the equivalent left crank option, the crankset will be asymmetrical due to the mismatch in offset. 

AI offset and BB30A/PF30A

Proprietary/OEM cranksets made for manufacturers using non-standard or asymmetrical bottom bracket types may not work with any combination of Stages Carbon and a Stages spindle. If you believe your bike may come with an OEM-specific crankset variant, please open up a submit ticket and provide us with any information regarding your bike spec to see if there is a solution.

Other variation

If you have another type not listed here or are unsure of your crank model, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.