If a single-sided power meter is purchased as an addition to an existing single-sided power meter, the two must be linked together to perform as a LR unit. Before you begin, download and install the Stages Cycling app and ensure the power meters are awake by rotating the cranks.

Note: If you purchased your power meter cranks as a pair, they are already connected from the factory. 

  1. Open the Stages Cycling app on your compatible mobile device.
  2. Go to the Devices tab and select Add Device.
  3. Select the Power meter option and select one of your power meters.
  4. Once paired, tap on the power meter to go to the device manager.
  5. Select Advanced.Stages Cycling app power meter device manager page with bottom text outlined
  6. Scroll down and select Left/Right pairing.Stages Cycling app Power meter device manager page with pairing info outlined in the middle
  7. Select the other power meter from the list of available devices or manually type in the other power meter's Ant+ ID number. Select Continue to begin pairing. Stages Cycling app power meter pairing page with option outlined
  8. To use the power meters separately, repeat this process and select Unpair.