• Power data is not showing in the Link App control page
  • Power data does not show up in Zwift or other applications


The StagesBike gets its power data from the left and right power meters installed on the cranks using a wireless connection, this article will walk you through how to make sure the power meters are working properly and the check that the StagesBike is correctly programmed.

Before troubleshooting


First, let's check that both of your power meters are awake and transmitting data; then we will make sure your StagesBike is configured correctly so it can connect to them.

Power meter check

Let's make sure your power meters are functioning as expected using the steps below:

  1. Download the Stages Power App
  2. Check to make sure the bluetooth on your phone is enabled.
  3. Open the app to the bluetooth scanner page, you should see at least the StagesBike displayed:
  4. Spin the cranks on the StagesBike backwards a few times and wait for them to display in the app (can take up to 30 seconds):
  5. If both power meters show up, move on to the StagesBike Check section. Your power meters are functioning as expected.
  6. If only one, or none of power meters show up, follow the next steps.

Power meters do not appear in search list

If your power meters never appear in the search list of the Stages Power app above, it's possible the power meters have a dead battery or simply need to be reset, please follow these steps:

  1. Pull the battery out of each power meter for 5 seconds.
  2. Use the Stages Power App to check for the power meters again (Follow steps from the Power meter check section of this article).
  3. If the power meters still do not appear in the search functionality of the Stages Power app, try the next steps:

Power meters still do not appear in the search list

  1. Try a new battery. It is likely your battery is dead and needs to be replaced.
  2. Still no luck? Pull the battery out again, this time, install it upside down for 1 second, then pull it out and install it correctly and try again. This resets the power meter.
  3. If this does not resolve your issue, there is something wrong with your power meter. Contact

StagesBike check

Let's now make sure the correct power meters are programmed into your StagesBike

  1. Open the Stages Link App (download links below)
  2. Make sure your Stages Link App is up to date using the app store. (We are constantly improving the app so its best to use the latest one before going further).
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled in your phone settings.
  4. Open the app and navigate to the Device manager page using the main sidebar menu. Select the StagesBike that you want to pair to from the MY DEVICES menu:
  5. If the StagesBike is not in the list of devices, use the (+) button in the top right corner to search for new devices and follow the steps below to pair to the bike:
    1. Select StagesBike.
    2. Select the bike from the list.
    3. The app will check and update firmware if needed.
    4. Create a virtual setup.
  6. Make sure the StagesBike is connected:
    • Disconnected (control page greyed out)
    • Connected (control page functioning)
  7. Do a quick test at this point - After the Link App connects to the StagesBike (as pictured above), get on the StagesBike and start pedaling. Pedal for about a minute; you do not need to add resistance but can use the shift buttons if you would like. Look for power data to appear in the control page, even soft pedaling should show power.
    • If you see power now, the issue is resolved. The problem was with your power meters and was fixed in the Power meter check section.
  8. Tap the settings icon in the top right of the page to access the StagesBike settings page: 
  9. Select Manage crank arms from the Power meters menu:
  10. Verify that the ANT ID for both the left and right power meters match the ANT IDs of the power meters on your StagesBike. The ANT ID is a 5-digit number that can be found on the back of the crank arm and looks like this:
    1. Left:
    2. Right:
  11. If these ANT ID's match, and the Power meter check section was completed correctly, the expectation is that the StagesBike will automatically find the power meters on its own as long as the power meters are not connected to anything via Bluetooth. 
    1. Make sure no other Bluetooth connections exist to the power meters.
    2. Power cycle the bike (remove the power connection from the bike, not the wall, to ensure a proper power cycle - the power brick takes time to discharge) and pedal it for 1 minute after power cycle. 
    3. If no power displays, please continue to the next section.

This means the power meters likely need to be paired to the StagesBike again. Please follow the steps in Pair replacement power meter to StagesBike SB20