Rouvy has two different versions in the App Store. This article refers to the settings in the Rouvy AR app (screen shot below).

Stages Link App

If you are using the Stages Link app to display gearing while riding Rouvy, set the bike to External control in the main screen before you begin. 


Riding Routes

Open the Rouvy AR app and select the Connect Trainer button the top left hand corner or the home page.

 Pair the StagesBike as your Power Source. Cadence and controllable will also connect to the StagesBike after you connect the power source. 


After pairing the StagesBike for all 3 inputs, you are ready to ride a route. Hit Start to begin or select Change to select a different route. 

Your StagesBike will now be controlled by the Rouvy app. Enjoy your ride!