Upon arrival of your new SB20, the main box contains several smaller contents boxes to keep these small parts organized and damage-free. The remaining needed parts are securely fixed to the bike. 

Please ensure you have all parts necessary prior to assembly, to ensure no lost or damaged components. 

Within the main bike box, there are 4 separate boxes.

Overhead view of SB20 in packaging

Box 1: Tablet holder, nose cap, and handlebar stem 

Parts inside box

Box 2: Front and rear stabilizers

Stabilizers inside box

Box 3: Assembly guide, provided assembly tools (bagged), assembly hardware (bagged), handlebar stem clamp 

Small parts box

Box 4: Power brick, warning labels (in several languages), region-specific power adapter (US/UK/EU/CN) 

Overhead view of power cords

Note: Some bikes will only receive region-specific adapters. The SB20 comes with an English warning sticker applied to the top tube. 

If you find damaged or missing components, please contact your point of purchase or Stages Customer Service.