This article is specifically for using the Golden Cheetah application with the Stages Bike. You can view our other article on syncing activities between Stages Link and Golden Cheetah.

Stages Cycling App

If you are using the ride recording feature in the Ride menu, select the StagesBike tab and set the bike to External control.

Stages Cycling Ride screen displayed

However, if you are using the Data screen on the Stages Cycling app, there is no need to set a control mode.

StagesBike Data screen displayed

Install Golden Cheetah

If you have not already, download the Golden Cheetah app.

Golden Cheetah app download page


Plug in your USB ANT+ dongle to your computer and safely orient near the front of the bike. It may be necessary to wake up the power meters by spinning the cranks several rotations.

Upon initial opening and setup of the application, a pop-up menu will allow you to pair to your StagesBike. The Train tab is where all connections and workouts are performed. 

Golden Cheetah Training screen

Select Add Device and pair via ANT+ and FE-C.

Select device screen displayed

StagesBike will default pair as Fitness Equipment Control, the left power meter will pair as Power. Heart rate can be paired as well. The application will read Speed and Cadence from the bike without pairing these sensors, so no ANT+ ID will be shown. 

Pairing devices screen displayed

Once the StagesBike is paired, proceed to the Train tab, select the workout that you would like to perform on the left sidebar.

The hamburger icon at the right side of the header will allow you to make several selections regarding workout import and selection. 

To workout without a preset workout file, select either of the two Manual Modes.

StagesBike SB20 workout modes displayed

Use the Intensity Adjustments and Workout Control to begin, end, or alter your workout. 

Golden Cheetah Ride screen displayed