The Stages Cycling app features a number of in-app connections that allow for syncing of rides, as well as inbound syncing of courses and workouts created on other platforms. 

To set up your connections in the Stages Cycling app, select Profile on the lower right menu, then select the Connections tab. 

Under connections, you can connect your accounts with:

  • Apple Health
  • Strava
  • TrainingPeaks
  • Komoot
  • Ride With GPS
  • TrainerRoad
  • Relive
  • And more coming soon

After each connection is enabled by logging in to your account, you can customize* the settings by toggling items on or off that you want to sync between accounts. 

*Apple Health options can be found in the Health app under Sharing > Apps > Stages Cycling App


By default, all activities completed on your Stages Dash or indoor rides completed in the Stages Cycling app will be synced to your connections when Activities sync is enabled. If you don't want to upload rides to that service, toggle Activities to off under that connection in the Profile > Connections page. 


For platforms that support course building, course sync will make your courses available for riding on your Stages Dash. Simply head to the Dash manager in the Sensors section, connect your Dash, then tap the Courses tab. Tap the name of the course platform to see a list of available courses, select a course, then tap Send to Dash.


Connecting to a third-party training platform will make your workouts available for riding on your Stages Dash or in the Stages Cycling app under the Ride section. Workouts sync from your calendar on your connected applications, so before you begin, make sure you have scheduled workouts to complete. 

To send a workout to your Dash: 

  1. Select your Dash from the Devices page and make sure it is connected. 
  2. Select the Workouts tab. 
  3. To filter the workout list, tap the name of the training platform. Planned workouts will be automatically synced to your Dash. 
  4. To ride a workout now, tap the workout name, then tap Ride on Dash

To ride a workout in the Stages Cycling app:

  1. Connect a Stages Power meter or StagesBike SB20 on the Devices page. 
  2. Select the Ride section of the app, then select the Workout tab. Scheduled includes workouts from your calendar in third-party applications such as TrainingPeaks. Library contains a list of Stages provided workouts.
  3. After you've selected a workout, the workout graph will populate on the ride page.

For more information on riding workouts in the app, see Follow a workout in the Stages Cycling app