Our existing models offer a large range of compatibility with crank sets from Shimano, FSA, SRAM, Cannondale, and Campagnolo.  Though we may not offer an exact match for your existing crank, most of our models are cross-compatible with other models from the same manufacturer that have the same bottom bracket interface and similar offset/q-factor. 


Shimano Hollowtech II

While we offer current model left crank options for Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105, additional component levels and many older groups are also compatible. Shimano road cranks are interchangeable between other component levels that utilize the dual pinch bolt. Nearly all pinch-bolt style Shimano road cranks are able to be interchanged in equivalent lengths. Stages Power R right-side Shimano road power meters can also be used with any Hollowtech II compatible left crank arm.

For Shimano Hollowtech II mountain bike cranks, compatibility is a bit more difficult due to changes in the left crank between versions. If you are unsure, please submit a new ticket with Stages customer support detailing your current bike and crank model. 

Current models (as of 2021):

XTR M9100: Works only with M9100/9120 cranksets, which do not use a pinch bolt attachment system on the left crank. 

XT M8100: Works only with M8100, M7100, and similar 12-speed Shimano mountain cranksets that feature two pinch bolts and are 20mm thick at the BB end. 

Saint: Works with existing Shimano mountain cranksets that feature two pinch bolts and are 25mm thick at the BB end. 

DXR: Works with existing Shimano mountain cranksets that feature two pinch bolts and are 25mm thick at the BB end.


FSA SL-K and Energy BB30 models are interchangeable with other FSA road BB30 cranks, with the exception of any triple crank models. For any 386EVO models, a Stages Carbon or Energy 386 model must be used. At this time we do not have any compatible models for FSA mountain bike cranks. 


SRAM GXP compatibility is offered for all road cranks through the Stages Carbon for Road GXP model. Likewise, SRAM mountain GXP cranks are compatible with the Stages Carbon for Mountain GXP models, with the exception of narrow q-factor (156mm) versions of XX and XX1 crankets. BB30 models offer a range of compatibility based on crankset model and utilize a combination of Stages Carbon for 30mm combined with the appropriate 30mm spindle. SRAM BB30 compatibility is limited to SRAM cranksets with the spindle attached to the left side, so older models with the spindle attached to the drive side are not compatible due to this change in design. We recommend consulting our product page for a summary of spindles available and compatible models. 


The Cannondale SI left crank power meter model is compatible with current generation Cannondale Si and SiSL2 cranksets. Older Cannondale SL crank models and cranks from other manufacturers (re-branded Cannondale cranks) are not compatible due to design differences. 

Race Face

Currently our compatibility with Race Face is limited to Next SL cranksets which utilize a 134mm spindle, using a combination of Stages Carbon for 30mm and Spindle E. 


Campagnolo Record and Chorus left-side power meters can be used on any Campagnolo Ultra-Torque crankset, with the exception of Super Record. The Campagnolo Super Record left-side power meter is only compatible with Campagnolo Super Record Ultra-Torque cranksets.  

Note: 10 and 11-speed cranks can be used with 11-speed versions. 12-speed versions, however, much be paired with their equivalent 12-speed versions due to a change of the location of the fixing bolt. 

Other Questions?

If you're still unclear if your existing crank will work, please open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling including information regarding your current crank set.