To ensure your bike is compatible with a Stages Power meter, we recommend checking these primary compatibility guidelines for your bike. Each of the following steps should guide you through the process of verifying that your bike is a good fit.


Frame clearance

We recommend checking frame clearance for all left-side, LR (left/right), and eeWings MTB (right-side) power meters due to the large number of variations of bicycle frames, parts spec, and ongoing model year changes that make it difficult to keep a running list. Checking the frame compatibility is simple and can be done with a 10 mm hex key.

The diagram below provides the necessary “CLEARANCE ZONE” you should consider prior to making your crank purchase. As long as you have the necessary clearance between your crank arm and chain stay (and assuming you have existing compatible cranks), you should be able to utilize one of our power meters on your bike. This includes not just the chain stay of the bike, but also any chain stay mounted brake that sits in the space between the crank arm and the frameFor bikes with chain stay brakes, an alternate brake caliper may be required.

10 mm hex wrench being passed between crank arm and chain stay between marked points at 5cm and 12cm

Chain stay brake

If you do note that your bike has a chain stay mounted brake that may interfere with the placement of the power meter on the left side, it may still be possible to use a left-side Stages Power meter. Please note the following info:

  1. Brake model
  2. Bike model and year
  3. Crank model

Then contact us for a list of potential solutions by opening up a support ticket with Stages Cycling. Alternately, the Stages Power R right-side power meters may be used as single-sided power meters on bikes where a left-side power meter cannot be utilized. 

Crank compatibility

Once you've checked the frame for clearance, the next step is to confirm compatibility with your existing crank set. In some instances, a left crank option is not available, so a complete crank set may be required. Check our list of models to find an equivalent model with your existing crank. Check the product descriptions to confirm compatibility with other models of cranks from the same manufacturer, as an exact match is not always needed.

To help find your crank model, check the exterior of the crank for any printed brand and model information. The length of the crank is typically engraved or stamped into the back of each crank arm near the pedal spindle.

Crank arm interior side with displayed model number FC-5800 and length 172.6 mm

Crank Model Number and Length, as seen on a Shimano 5800 left crank arm.

Still need help?

If you're unsure if your existing crank set lines up with one of our existing models - please make note of the brand, model, and bottom bracket type of your crank or snap some photos and open up a support ticket with Stages Cycling or visit your nearest Stages Cycling dealer for assistance.