Some updates of the Stages Cycling app can require that you refresh the pairing between your StagesBike and the Stages Cycling app. Follow the steps below to quickly see if this resolves your issue. 

  1. Select the StagesBike from the Devices menu.
    StagesBike highlighted under the Devices menu
  2. Tap the options menu to display the Forget Device option to delete the StagesBike from your Stages Cycling app.
    Arrow pointing to three dots in the right corner of the screenForget device overlay appears in the top right corner
  3. Confirm that you want to forget the bike by selecting Forget.
    Overlay asking if you want to forget the SmartBike
  4. Select Add Device in the Devices menu to add a new device.
    Arrow pointing to Add Device in the bottom right corner
  5. Select Stages Bike.
    StagesBike highlighted in the Add Device menu
  6. Select your StagesBike from the list of available devices.

    StagesBike highlighted in Available Bikes section
  7. Confirm that the firmware is up to date.
    StagesBike Firmware version displayed
  8. Check that the issue is resolved by shifting gears and pedaling the bike and viewing the power data. This can take up to 30s after first pairing to the bike. 

Note: After deleting the bike, your Setups will need to be rebuilt. 

If the issue is not resolved, please try deleting the Stages Cycling app from your phone and re-installing it. If you still cannot connect, please submit a new ticket detailing your issues.