Stages Cycling app

If you are using the ride recording feature in the Stages Cycling app to view your gears while using Zwift, select the StagesBike tab and set the bike to External control.

However, if you are using the Data screen on the Stages Cycling app, there is no need to set a control mode.

Since the StagesBike SB20 has individual power sensors sending power to the bike, there are a couple of possible pairing configurations that will have similar results. The ideal pairing situation for you will depend on how you are using Zwift. We'll outline the two main combinations below. 

The bike will appear as 3 sensors:

  • Left power meter: “Stages #####” where “#####” is the ANT ID printed on the inside of the crank arm
  • Right power meter: “Stages #####” where “#####” is the ANT ID printed on the inside of the crank arm. Do not ever pair to this sensor. It will only send half power. 
  • StagesBike SB20: “StagesBike ####” where “####” is the last 4 digits of the serial number printed on the lower left leg of the StagesBike.

If you are using an ANT+ adapter or a device with ANT+ capabilities, you will also see duplicates of your sensors listed as ANT+ connections. For ANT+, the bike will appear as "FEC ####", where “####” is the last 4 digits of the serial number printed on the lower left leg of the StagesBike.

Easiest pairing

The quickest setup on Zwift is to pair Power Source, Cadence, and Controllable as StagesBike. The StagesBike re-broadcasts power from the power meters with no smoothing, so you'll get the exact same in-game watts as if you were pairing to the power meter directly. The pairing will be quick and easy as once you've paired the SB20 for power, it automatically prioritizes it on the list for Cadence and Controllable. 

Advanced pairing

For certain use cases, we recommend pairing the left power meter as Power Source and Cadence, then the StagesBike as Controllable. For certain versions of Zwift, this configuration may require selecting the StagesBike as Power Source, then Controllable, then going back and selecting the power meter as the Power Source. Without pairing in this order, you may not see the StagesBike listed on the Controllable pairing screen. 

When to use this method:

  • By pairing to the left power meter, you have a backup option in case of a connection loss between Zwift and the bike. This will allow you to continue riding and complete your event. 
  • Due to a difference in broadcast protocols between trainers and power meters, the bike connection can be more prone to "Sticky watts", which is where the last power value stays up for 3 or more seconds. If it's a very high value, this will be flagged in Zwift. Pairing to the left power meter will avoid this flag if you are competing in Zwift racing events.
  • Some users have reported a small increase in reaction time when pairing to the left power meter. In our testing, we did not find any difference in reaction time from your Zwift avatar between different pairing configurations. 

Apple TV users and pairing HR

Apple TV only allows 2 Bluetooth connections. Apple TV users that want to pair heart rate and the StagesBike to the Apple TV can simply use the 'StagesBike' as all 3 sources of data.

Left power meter identification

When referring to the 'left' power meter on the StagesBike, we mean the rider's left while sitting on the bike. The power meter will broadcast itself as “Stages #####” where “#####” is the ANT+ ID printed on the inside of the crank. In this example, it is “51664”. ANT ID sticker located inside of the crank

In Zwift, you will see at least 3 devices available: StagesBike, left power meter, and right power meter. If your device supports ANT+, you may see additional duplicate devices for each sensor's ANT+ connection. 

Zwift searching for devices to pair with

Never pair to the right power meter, it will only send half power!

If you do not see your left power meter, attempt to add the left power meter as a new device in the Stages Cycling app and check that its firmware is up to date ( at least 1.8.1 firmware). if you do not see the power meter in the Stages Cycling app, unplug the bike and try again. If still not visible, replace the CR2032 battery in the power meter. If problems continue, submit a support ticket.

Bike settings

If your bike is staying connected to Zwift, but power is occasionally dropping out to 0, we recommend setting Pair with Bluetooth to Enabled using the Stages Cycling app. 

Since Zwift already has a Trainer Difficulty setting, we recommend setting the Gradient scale factor in the Stages Cycling app to 100%.

In-game settings


We recommend using Erg mode for most workouts in Zwift. For extremely short efforts such as sprints or short bursts, turning Erg mode off may be preferable as the bike can take a few seconds to adjust the resistance to match your cadence. 

Zwift world (no workout)

The only in-game setting we recommend changing is Trainer Difficulty to about the middle. This is a personal preference of Stages riders, however, so adjust this as you see fit.

Note: The higher you set this setting, the more extreme the grade changes will feel within the game