If you are using your Dash with a power meter and/or a heart rate strap, it's important to set the FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and FThr (Functional Threshold heart rate) within the Dash. These values can be set within the unit or synced over from your Stages Link account. 

Setting FTP

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the maximum wattage you can sustain for a long duration, usually 1 hour. This number is the basis for setting your power training zones and calculating several power based metrics, such as TSS, T-Score, and IF. If you are training with a power meter, you should enter an FTP value here.

To update your FTP setting, go to: Main Menu > Zones > Power > FTP

Setting FThr

Functional threshold heart rate (FThr) is an approximation of your highest sustainable heart rate for an hour effort. This number is the basis for setting your heart rate training zones, as well as calculating several heart rate based metrics that can be displayed in your data fields. If you are training with a heart rate monitor, you should enter an FThr value here.

To enter your FThr, go to: Main Menu > Zones > Heart Rate > FThr

20min Test

If you do not know your FTP or FThr, you can choose the 20min Test from the Workouts list in order to calculate your values. This is a commonly used test to estimate functional threshold power by performing a 20-minute all-out effort. This test will require the usage of a power meter or a heart rate monitor.

  • For FTP, your FTP will be 95% of your 20min power average.
  • For FThr, your FThr will be your highest 20min average heart rate.

To perform the test, go to: Main Menu > Workouts > Select Workout > 20min Test

Estimate FTP or FThr

If you are new to training with a power meter or heart rate monitor, Stages Link will estimate your threshold values during account creation.  When you are ready, we recommend performing a threshold test.  Having an accurate threshold value will assure that training zones and other metrics are calculated correctly.