Dash firmware updates can be completed via USB connection to your computer. Updating firmware is an important way to stay on top of new features, bug fixes, and improvements. A Stages Link account is recommended in order to take advantage of the full range of features built into both Stages Dash and Stages Link. Stages Dash owners will always be able to access Dash management features in Link for free.

Stages Dash M50/L50 Firmware History

Stages Dash L10 Firmware History

Stages Sync

Download Stages Sync

Plug your Stages Dash device into your computer and launch the Stages Sync application. A prompt will alert you to new firmware updates when available. Note: Any elements (such as courses or workouts) must finish syncing before firmware can be installed.

  •  Additionally, when this icon is present on your Dash, you may right click on the device and select Install new Dash firmware