NOTE: As of February 2021, we are only offering a limited number of factory installs on certain models. As it becomes possible to facilitate, we will resume offering factory install to the full list of models. 

We offer our factory install program on almost all crank arm models we've manufactured in our gen 2 and gen 3 versions. As we add new models, this list will expand. In order for your crank to be eligible for Factory Install, it should be on this list and in good condition, with no major blemishes or mechanic issues (such as damaged threads or spines, excessive wear, rubbing, or scratching). 

Left crank power meters


  • 105 5700, 5800, R7000
  • Ultegra 6700, 6800, R8000
  • Dura-Ace 9000, R9100
  • GRX
  • XT M780/785, M8000, M8100
  • XTR M980, M985, M9000, M9020, M9100/M9120
  • Saint M820
  • DXR M71
  • Dura-Ace Track 7710


  • Rival GXP - 10-speed version only (hollow-forged crank)
  • X9 GXP
  • Force AXS
  • Red AXS


  • Energy BB30
  • Energy 386EVO


  • Si Hollowgram


  • Chorus 11-speed
  • Record 11-speed
  • Record 12-speed
  • Super Record 11-speed
  • Super Record 12-speed
  • H11

Cane Creek

  • eeWings

Right only or LR Power meters


  • Ultegra R8000
  • Dura-Ace R9100
  • XT M8100
  • XTR M9100/M9120