NOTE: The availability of factory install is changing on an ongoing basis. Only models currently listed in our web store will be accepted for factory installation.

Cranks must be in good condition, with no major blemishes or mechanic issues (such as damaged threads or spines, excessive wear, rubbing, or scratching).

Left crank power meters


  • 105 5700, 5800, R7000, R7100
  • Ultegra 6700, 6800, R8000, R8100
  • Dura-Ace 9000, R9100, R9200
  • GRX RX810
  • XT M8000, M8100
  • XTR M9000/M9020, M9100/M9120


  • Si Hollowgram

Right only or LR Power meters


  • Ultegra R8000, R8100
  • Dura-Ace R9100, R9200
  • XT M8100
  • XTR M9100/M9120