Note: When setting up workout mode in either iOS or Android the steps for set up are the same but you will see different UI between the two platforms but it should be straight forward.

Note: that workouts for both iOS are currently not working with the Stages Smartbike. Also not that if you are riding on iOS, you will lose power between the SmartBike and The FulGaz app. FulGaz is aware of this issue and are looking into it.


The initial landing screen for FulGaz App.

After clicking Get Started you will be brought to the device connection page where you will connect both the Smartbike and the Cadence for the SmartBike.

Note: After you have selected both the SmatBike and the Cadence, Watts and RPM will not display in that screen if you start pedaling.

After connecting the FulGaz app to the SmartBike scroll down in the App and select FulGaz Workout Library.


After you click on the FulGaz Workout Library, you will be brought to their list of FulGaz Workouts.


After you select a workout you will be brought to the workout details.


When in this page, we need to make sure the SmartBike is in ERG mode. Select the Settings Tab.


Under the “general” tab select “Workout Settings”



Enable ERG mode and then back out to the Workout Details page and click “Ride”.

You can now start your Workout in FulGaz. Note: that in this last screen before you start your ride Watts and RPM will not display while pedaling.

Riding Courses

Riding courses is very simple and easy with the Stages SmartBike and the FulGaz App.

Note: When using iOS and riding courses, power will drop out from the SmartBike to the FulGaz app. FulGaz is aware of this issue and are looking into it. Android is not having this issue when riding courses.


After the initial landing screen, connect your Stages SmartBike and cadence.


After clicking Let’s Ride, select any of the FulGaz courses to ride.


After selecting a course you will be brought to the course details page.


We need to make sure that ERG mode is OFF before you start riding a course so under the same course details page. Then under the general settings page select Workout Settings.


Make sure ERG mode is OFF.


Back out and now you can begin your ride!

Note: Watts and RPM will not display in this page when you pedal.