StagesBike will not show up in the pairing list in Zwift running on a PC or Mac laptop or desktop computer. For mobile apps please see StagesBike not connecting to Zwift mobile app


Zwift makes an application compatible most devices on the market:

  • iPhone app
  • Android phone app
  • macOS app
  • Windows app
  • Apple TV app

Zwift uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in all of these cases to search for devices that it can either control or get data from to make your connected device change resistance or your avatar move. Zwift can also use ANT+, which is another communication protocol, for the same purpose. You may want to visit Zwift's support page about troubleshooting BLE and ANT+ in association with this article.

The StagesBike should be available for three types of data in Zwift:

  1. Power
  2. Cadence
  3. Controllable

Any time the StagesBike does not appear as one or any of these devices there are a few things you can check, which this article will outline.

Before troubleshooting

Before getting into the troubleshooting steps, make sure the following apply to you:


Each of the following sections describes steps to take to resolve the issue with Zwift. Ultimately, we recommend that you connect to the StagesBike as all 3 data sources (Power, Cadence, and Controllable) which looks like this:

Power cycle the StagesBike

The first thing to do is unplug the power connector from the bottom of the bike:

Zwift also recommends you do the following at the start of any pairing issue:

  1. Turn off BLE on your device and then turn it back on again.
  2. Restart Zwift and try pairing again.

If you still do not see the StagesBike #### in the list of devices in Zwift, move on to the next section.

Verify Zwift does work on your phone

We find the mobile device Bluetooth is more reliable than the ANT or BLE dongles and internal Bluetooth of laptops or desktop computers.

  1. Download the Zwift app for Android or iOS
  2. Log in to your Zwift account
  3. Use the pairing screen to pair to the StagesBike #### for all 3 data connections (power, cadence, controllable)

If you can connect to Zwift on a mobile device, you may want to try the Zwift Companion App, instructions are in the following section.

If this does not help, skip the next section for more StagesBike troubleshooting tips.

Try using the Zwift companion app

The Zwift desktop application utilizes your computer's internal Bluetooth connection (or an external ANT+ or Bluetooth dongle) to connect to your sensors. Due to various possible hardware and software compatibility bugs, it may not always correctly connect to your sensors, including the StagesBike.  In order to allow for an interruption free experience, we recommend also downloading and installing the Zwift Companion app as an alternate method of connecting your StagesBike, should you encounter issues pairing directly through your computer. 

  1. On your phone, download the Zwift Companion app in the Google Play Store or iOS app store
  2. Open the Zwift Companion app on your phone and log in to your Zwift account (make sure your phone is connected to the internet)
  3. Open the Zwift App on the device you want to use and click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the Paired devices dialogue and select Use Zwift Companion
  4. The Zwift app will now use the mobile device's bluetooth connection to search for the StagesBike. It can take a few seconds, but the StagesBike should now be available for Power, Cadence and Controllable connections.
  5. For additional help, check out Zwift's  article: Using the Zwift Companion App.

Still not working

Here are a few more things to check before determining you may have an issue that needs a support ticket to resolve:

Reset user settings on StagesBike

You can reset the bike settings, which are always saved in the Stages Link App and sent back to the bike on connection by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect all apps from the StagesBike (disabling Bluetooth is the best way to make sure this is the case)
  2. Press and hold the two (2) auxiliary buttons on the shift hoods at the same time for 6 seconds
  3. Power cycle the bike again
  4. Retry searching for the bike with the PC or Mac

Re-Program firmware to the StagesBike

You can set the StagesBike to a mode that will allow updating the firmware again:

  1. Delete the bike from your Stages Link app by tapping the trash can icon on the settings page for the smart bike
  2. Unplug the power cable from the StagesBike.
  3. Press and hold the top left shift button.
  4. While holding, plug in the bike, release the shift button after a few seconds of the bike being plugged in.
  5. The bike will power on and advertise as StagesBike DFU.
  6. Use the Link app to pair to the bike the same way you would a new bike, this time tap the bike that says it is StagesBike DFU:
  7. Tapping on this device will prompt an update. Select OK:
  8. The app will load the latest firmware onto the StagesBike. Following the update, try to pair to the bike again.

Contact support

If you still cannot connect to the StagesBike, please contact