Initial RGT Set up

Road Grand Tour is an app for iOS, Android, and Windows 10. So along with having the app installed on your device you must also have a screen display to show the course or workout you are doing. This can be a Laptop, PC, Mac, Apple TV, iPad or any other devices that can download the RGT app and can run display modes. I personally use my iPhone X and use my MacBook Pro to display my ride but you can cross platform ex: using a Pixel and a Mac Laptop as your display screen.


Once you have downloaded the RGT app on your device you will be at the home page. If you try to start a Workout or a Course without connecting your RGT app to a display device that also has RGT installed, you will be met with this pop up:

The next step we need to do is download the RGT app on Laptop, PC, Mac, Apple TV, or iPad.


Once this is complete open the RGT App on your Device. On the home screen of the app on your device click the TV icon at the top left of the screen to enter your activation code.

Next is to open your RGT on your display screen. Enter the Pin on your display screen into the RGT app on your device.


After you enter the Pin into your device your display screen will show the following screen:


Now you are ready to choose a workout or Course in RGT from your device! I will show you the best settings for riding Workouts and Courses below with the Stages SmartBike.



On the home page on your device select the Train tab.


Select Go to Workouts.


You will be brought to RGT’s Workouts.

Select a workout.


Click the “Train on Pienza” button and your workout will begin! (The first screen shot is what your device will be displaying and the second is what your display screen will be showing during your workout).



After you have established your connection from your device to your screen display, on the home screen of your device select “Explore”.


Select RGT Real Roads.


After selecting RGT Real Roads you will be brought to their menu of different courses that you can ride. Select one and click the “Ride From” button at the bottom of the screen.


After you click the Ride From Start button (Or whatever point you choose to start out in the ride) you will be brought to the pairing page on your device. That screen will remain on your device for your ride while your display screen will give you the visuals of your ride. Select the Power tab and you will be brought to the connection page.


Once in the connection page the app will automatically connect to the Stages SmartBike. Start pedaling and you should see Watts displayed.

Note: Cadence will not appear on both iOS and Android.


Click the X at the bottom of the page and continue to pedal and on your display screen your rider will start moving and your ride has begun!

In-ride Screenshot: